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Hampton Quimbles: Rare puzz. (10 months ago)

4by4: Agreed bonehead - I tried but could not come up with anything (thought getting the connection would make it tricky though). I appreciate everyone's comments. (10 months ago)

bonehead: The 4 names would have been better if there had been a red herring - you can just select the 4 names without knowing the connection (10 months ago)

Nick: agree regarding the 4th '15'. I had the other 3 (very clever connection) but was just guessing and failed. Enjoyable though, nice red herrings (10 months ago)

Sid Kneebridge: Found it tough, but enjoyable (10 months ago)

4by4: Point taken thanks! (10 months ago)

Ridiculous: 15th of Feb yes well known date that one (10 months ago)