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carol: great, and I really liked the cheese idea (6 months, 1 week ago)

N: Cheese was unnecessarily obscure. Tunnels and bridges was not great either. Junction was very good (1 year, 2 months ago)

Aardvark: Cheese before AND after is misleading and unfair - should be either or. (1 year, 4 months ago)

anthony: very good (1 year, 5 months ago)

StillFlying: That was fun. Was lucky to pick the right crossings on first go. Thanks! (1 year, 5 months ago)

Wiz: The Severn Tunnel confused me a lot. Good grid. (1 year, 5 months ago)

Tarp: Good ideas, reletively easy if you get the crossings first (1 year, 5 months ago)

Ian: Good grid, thanks (1 year, 5 months ago)

BLOFELD: One of the easier grids, but good. (1 year, 5 months ago)