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Wiz: Surely the banana is a fruit,and the plant is a herb? (1 year ago)

Pedant: A banana isn't a fruit. It's a herb. (1 year ago)

i: Fig Newtons are called fig rolls in the UK. Cam Newton is an American football (handegg) player, and Huey Newton is a US political activist. This is a US grid. It's not realistic to expect a UK participant to get those references no matter how famous they are over there. (1 year ago)

Mister Tom: yes It's American but not bad for all that - A fig newton is quite well known as a snack and Cameron Newton is a famous sportsman. Not sure how obscure the Essex group is tbh.

Only gripe [SPOILER ALERT] was "superhero alter egos" didnt get accepted (this is why i don't usually bother checking them) (1 year ago)

the big i: Fig Newton? Cam Newton? Huey Newton? Maybe others have heard of these people(?) but they mean nothing to me.
NY counties?? This was listed as an English grid.
Not one of the best. Sorry
Also, Why recycle the last grid? Confused. (1 year ago)