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knife: Well thought out; bit scary at first but after the Mount Rushmore one it got a bit easier. And I don't think we Brits should protest at the American slant, part of the fun. (2 months, 3 weeks ago)

Yoko: Would have been nice to have had some Japanese Prime Ministers included. (4 months ago)

NAB: Too US focused. (4 months ago)

Jim: I don't usually like themed grids, but I enjoyed this one because the links weren't far-fetched. For example, every American trivia buff knows which four Presidents are on Mount Rushmore. I realize this grid would be difficult for someone outside the United States, but Americans should know these sets. (However, I connected the banknotes set under an alternative link: those Presidents each served for exactly two full terms.) (4 months ago)

CSW: Really good -- though the banknotes one is super-obscure. (4 months ago)

CK: Really taxing but definitely learnt something. (4 months ago)

A: You are allowed to know things from outside your own country Sally. (4 months ago)

TheChemist: Sorry Sally. I agree that it is tricky but thought that one group could only be 4 presidents, cutting down the options for the other groups. The perils of trying a themed grid! (4 months ago)

Sally: No use for anyone in UK - recognised presidents, but no more. Too specific to US, but thanks for the effort.
(4 months ago)

gnu: I thought this would be a nightmare when I saw it was all presidents but the connections were very reasonable. (4 months ago)