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Wiz: Ok. I see where you are coming from.I was thinking that it ,as a true red herring,it would need to fit into both groups? (2 years ago)

Globe: That's how the name of the TV show was written, but it was not in the TV show group. It was in the "words which have letters in alphabetical order" group. (2 years ago)

Wiz: That was how it was written I guess. (2 years ago)

Globe: What did? (2 years ago)

Wiz: It made sense to me tho! (2 years ago)

Globe: Talk about completely missing the point, fiffy. (2 years ago)

Jerome: Apologies,pure ignorance on my part. (2 years ago)

fiffy: CHiPs is written like that because that is how it was written. C(alifornia)H(ighway)P(atrol) CHP, or CHiPs. (2 years ago)

Jerome: Good grid? Just a mistake? (2 years ago)

Globe: If the connection is simply "words which have letters in alphabetical order" then why write CHiPs like that? I'd never heard of that show anyway but it's a cheap way to put in a red herring. (2 years ago)