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Pol: That's true. (1 year ago)

Pol: You wouldn't let it lie! (1 year ago)

Pedant: That's why (1 year ago)

Folly: Why? (1 year ago)

Folly: Why? (1 year ago)

Pedant: Good. And let that be the end of it! (1 year ago)

Pol: Ok
I will! (1 year ago)

Pedant: Go on then! (1 year ago)

Quibble: Maybe. (1 year ago)

Pip: Can I have the last word please (1 year ago)

Pedant: Fine (1 year ago)

*kaim*: If all you want is the last word, go ahead. (1 year ago)

Depant: He's right you know!! (1 year ago)

Pedant: Ah bless, just cos someone else has had a pop at you, you think that it must be me as well under a different guise. That's cute. Plot twist, it's just the two of us on here! You think there a multitude of people posting comments and creating grids, but no, they are all me! Every time you play a grid, it's one of mine. Every time you converse with somebody, it's with me! Mwahahaha (1 year ago)

*kaim*: You haven't really been doing the Pedant handle justice though. Your persistence is admirable but I think your Sarcastic Jim persona suits you better. (1 year ago)

Pedant: Reel 'em in! Another bite. You're starting to grow on me, like a boil, I'll make a pedant of you yet. You seem to be implying that me and sarcastic Jim are the same person, alas I cannot take credit for Kim's witicisms, rest assured I am quite content with the Pedant handle and do not feel the need to keep changing my name. Keep on trucking. *sips martini* (1 year ago)

*kaim*: Not really. This "grammar and syntax doesn't matter, as long as it is understood by others" argument is not consistent with pedantry. You've lost your way. Stick to the Sarcastic Jim pseudonym in future, that might be easier for you. (1 year ago)

Bowie: I enjoyed it. Thank you. (1 year ago)

*kicks away imaginary mic*: I seem to have turned you into an anti-pedant fairly easily here. (1 year ago)

Alcorsa: You know I almost put in White Scottie instead. Glad I didn't because life would have been so less entertaining! (1 year ago)

*kicks away imaginary mic*: It wouldn't make sense to others, it would imply it was a white variety of something called "scottish pudding" as opposed to a scottish variety of "white pudding". Any competent pedant would understand that. (1 year ago)

*kicks away imaginary mic*: Why would the Scottish version be referred to as "White Scottish Pudding" and not "Scottish White pudding"? The first one clearly sounds wrong, like "Black Scottish pudding" would. The pedantry was shoddy, not uber. (1 year ago)

Jerome: I suppose people take all very seriously. (1 year ago)

Wiz: In my defence, I was just giving information I thought was intent to cause a commotion. (1 year ago)

Wiz: In my defence, I was just giving information I thought was intent to cause a commotion. (1 year ago)

-: No, you're wrong Wiz. There is no dish actually known and generally referred to as "White Scottish Pudding", it's known as "white pudding" and if it was made in Scotland, then still just "white pudding". Stop trying to defend shoddy attempts at pedantry. (1 year ago)

Wiz: I believe there is! Oatmeal-based? (1 year ago)

*picks mic up*: There is no dish actually known as "white scottish pudding", pedant. You should change your name to "try-hard". (1 year ago)

GavinJ: Excellent
(1 year ago)

Jerome: You surpass yourself there! (1 year ago)

Pol: This was very enjoyable,,,beat me,didn't know chalazae. (1 year ago)