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AlanP: newpuzz, I think the Red Baron was shot down deliberately and so it wasn't an air accident. (1 year ago)

toast: It works for me.

(1 year ago)

E.L.Wisty: I liked it. "related" covers a lot, but justified. Very good gridding! (1 year ago)

GenghisKong: Not too hard to answer for older Gridders, but a good mind workout. Nice one! (1 year ago)

Heather: This was a tricky one to attempt ,but thought provoking and entertaining. (1 year ago)

newpuzz: JFK - car related...really..there's tenuous and there's ridiciulous!?? Also limited correct answers - how is 'died in air accidents' not correct? (1 year ago)

fiffaff: Kennedy was bullet related death, not car. (1 year ago)

Tom: Poor grid. Needless levels of obscurity and not entirely accurate to call Kennedy's death "car related". That's like calling someone's death who was stabbed to death in a house "house related". (1 year ago)