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Vbird: Did not accept ladies of the night!! Im too polite!
(1 month, 1 week ago)

VJ: tough but fair (1 month, 2 weeks ago)

Sally: Great grid - thank you. (1 year, 11 months ago)

NL YCN N CT: Blues... I remember, I was there then too! Managed to fit some snowboarding between 1st & 2nd Tests - Mountains had just opened IIRC... (2 years ago)

Blues: NL... I did the last Lions trip out there, wrap up warm and take plenty to read.
Cricket or rugby .... Love them both.

Toast, I have to agree with you I've not spent much time on a plane. (2 years ago)

NL YCN N CT: Now this has given me a dilemma! I'm torn between siding with Will D and Cricket or with Blues and Rugby... I think I may have always been indecisive, although now I'm not convinced... I enjoy watching (and occasionally playing) both equally, so perhaps it comes down to whichever is in season? So I guess rugby at the moment - but then I'm off to watch the Lions this summer - this is harder than any grid! Or perhaps this ambivalence just shows me as being firmly on the fence on this one... (or just a complete reticence to commitment in general, my therapist would probably infer!) ;) (2 years ago)

toast: I was completely innocent of one of the subjects. Never taken much of an interest in aeroplanes. Keep it up! (2 years ago)

Mogster: Good crossovers Blues and I discovered some new odds
(2 years ago)

Blues: GenghisK... When you say you tried a "Lady of easy virtue"...
... Ah Ha ! I see what you mean.
The women in the grid may not be so easy with their virtues because they all like to see a cash exchange enacted prior to any favours being exchanged.
(2 years ago)

Blues: Howzat Will? (2 years ago)

GenghisKong: After a little delicate thought I tried "Lady of easy virtue" only to be denied the point! Fun grid though! (2 years ago)

Will D: Rugby is not the finest sport... cricket is! (2 years ago)

Bowie: A little bit of thinking and guile but I solved it, without paying anyone! Good grid Blues. (2 years ago)