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Sally: I enjoyed this grid, thank-you. (1 year, 3 months ago)

carolyn: the actress is Carrie FISHER (1 year, 4 months ago)

Wolf: Nice grid, thank you (1 year, 5 months ago)

Mogster: Nice easy grid. Thank you. (Apostles ?) (1 year, 5 months ago)

NL YCN N CT: I also had similar thoughts regarding the acceptance of "Apostles", but appreciate that may be too broad as the term generally covers all twelve Disciples... could be argued either way I guess - also thought "Four Evangelists" may be suitable, but alas not accepted either... (1 year, 5 months ago)

AM: The apostles was not recognised as the correct connection (1 year, 5 months ago)

NL YCN N CT: David Prowse portrayed Darth Vader in the original trilogy, and while James Earl Jones did provide the voice, he was only credited in that capacity for Return of the Jedi... (1 year, 5 months ago)

peter: good for beginners (1 year, 5 months ago)

anon: Apostles acceptable? (1 year, 5 months ago)

Kat: Nice grid, just misspelling of 'Fisher' could be misleading. (1 year, 5 months ago)