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Martin: It also wouldn't accept "periodic" as a link. But a good idea otherwise, even if almost all of them are US states. (7 years, 12 months ago)

Barnaby: More junk (8 years ago)

fishface: trixie (8 years ago)

The Nurdler: As Glad says, I think country codes needed to be accepted (AngrierLover has a point, too). Not bad though. (8 years ago)

Mojopo: Good grid, but the links need to be more flexible. (8 years ago)

Marcus: I know Ads... was going to add a comment before anyone attempted it but then it would give it away slightly - must pay more attention! (8 years ago)

Admiral Glad: Your explanation for the roman numerals includes MM (2000), which is actually MI (1001) in the grid. Solved it with only a few seconds to spare but it wouldn't give me "country codes" for the vehicle registration codes :( (8 years ago)

AngrierLover: The DK, NZ, AZ and IL group could have been a lot of other things such as top level domain names. Other than that, a nice original idea for a grid. (8 years ago)