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Me: Bit harsh compared to some of the rubbish we have had lately (1 year, 11 months ago)

J: Thought this was ok apart from the double saracen. Actors born in 74 was a bit tricky but it accepted just actors as an answer so that's ok. (2 years ago)

Badger: I'm with The Grinch... (2 years ago)

The Grinch: This is utterly abysmal. Please never set another grid!

Two Saracens, names that go either before or after?

The specific nature of the actors?

Just pathetic, utterly utterly pathetic! (2 years ago)

Keith: Poor (2 years ago)

bonehead: We're supposed to know that those 4 dudes were all born in 1974. (2 years ago)

Mister Tom: Repetition of Saracen... (2 years ago)