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Maurice: Djibouti city is capital , as like Mexico and Mexico city (1 year, 2 months ago)

ZBJ: Nice one! (1 year, 3 months ago)

Squiz: Maybe should have put nature reserves instead of National Parks for the second rank. I think all is fair in grids. I hadn't a clue that adding letters was the link until I saw them all lined up. This is getting addictive (1 year, 3 months ago)

GusGus: This is the best, most engaging grid I have come across so far. (1 year, 3 months ago)

Wiz: That is a common kind of connection and a good one I think... (1 year, 3 months ago)

Bowie: Pretty simple grid, not sure about the concept of adding or removing letters to form connections. But thanks anyway. (1 year, 3 months ago)

Dainamite: Thanks for the positive feedback guys, glad you enjoyed it. (1 year, 3 months ago)

E.L.Wisty: Wonderful gridding; one of the best. (1 year, 3 months ago)

Hubby: Excellent grid. Has me guessing for a long while but cracked it in the end! (1 year, 3 months ago)