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Jaydee @ #11803: Ellie Goulding isn't a band (10 minutes ago)

Cyril @ #11814: You can't argue with Cyrillic being spelt Cyrillic. So true, oh so true. (25 minutes ago)

Alex @ #11807: Well put, Mister Tom. (39 minutes ago)

Fred @ #11809: Hard, not specific enough (2 hours, 36 minutes ago)

Fred @ #11811: groups a bit loose, but very hard (2 hours, 44 minutes ago)

Fred @ #11810: Easier than the last one (2 hours, 55 minutes ago)

Fred @ #11803: A bit difficult for a grandad (3 hours ago)

Flo @ #11814: Row three was marked wrong because I put 'written scripts' ! Cyrillic is spelled Cyrillic ;-) (4 hours, 23 minutes ago)

Flo @ #11818: Tricky! Don't agree that dice are black and white, though. (4 hours, 31 minutes ago)

Flo @ #11819: Nice categories (4 hours, 38 minutes ago)

Helen @ #2296: (5 hours, 54 minutes ago)

Wenceslas @ #11815: Nice one! (6 hours, 30 minutes ago)

Mister Tom @ #11807: Most Enjoyable I thought - tough but due to cunning rather than obscurity. (7 hours, 3 minutes ago)

PB @ #11357: Hard (9 hours, 4 minutes ago)

PB @ #11357: (9 hours, 4 minutes ago)

Wiz @ #11796: I am quite hard of thinking and I got them! Try again? (11 hours ago)

Squirble @ #11796: Yes, bonehead, you're right I should have. But I don't know that I can edit it any more? (11 hours, 9 minutes ago)

Claret @ #11809: Ok, thanks for this. I sort of understand now you are mentioning University level education. (14 hours, 6 minutes ago)

LS @ #11809: Yes, I agree, however university sciences are more specific (chemistry, physics etc) than school "Science". (16 hours, 31 minutes ago)

MS (creator) @ #11811: Nmmc: Which word did you write for which catagory?? (16 hours, 41 minutes ago)

Miss Slink @ #11802: ...or Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers! (The superior "...and the heartbreakers" in my humble opinion). Otherwise, nice grid, if maybe a bit music-focused. (23 hours, 26 minutes ago)

Wenceslas @ #11782: I liked this - a lot! (1 day ago)

Ste @ #98: Musical scale is called "tonic sol fa", it doesn't accept this. Poor. (1 day ago)

Chloe @ #11811: Too easy, spelling mistakes, categories are weirdly vague (1 day ago)

Uranus @ #11808: Out of this world. (1 day, 2 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11807: It is hard,but not impossible ...varied and fun I think. By the way, Blues always gives full explanations in my experience. Sometimes they continue below the box. (1 day, 3 hours ago)

LK @ #11807: Yes my screen clearly doesn't display all the rows then, apologies on that. I'd say it was about as hard as a grid gets personally, and I've played a lot of them, but maybe I'm just in bad form. (1 day, 3 hours ago)

Nmcc @ #11811: Letters aren't necessarily public. Written word not accepted...? (1 day, 3 hours ago)

Blues @ #11807: LK: Sometimes you just can't win can you ? The last grid I submitted someone suggested it wasn't ambiguous enough so I added a touch of ambiguity. I wouldn't call it stupidly hard, just hard (that's why there is a rating system.) Incidentally there is a description of "Catch as catch" it's at the bottom and quite succinct... Its possible that your screen does not display all the rows. Criticism is fine as long as its accurate... and not aimed at me ! (Just jesting) More beer required. (Cheers Wiz.) (1 day, 4 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11807: means making use of any means available,..comes from a form of wrestling where no holds are barred.hope that helps! (1 day, 4 hours ago)

LK @ #11807: Stupidly hard. Never heard of catch as catch can and there was no explanation on that one. (1 day, 4 hours ago)

Blues @ #11807: Bruce, now you mention it... (1 day, 5 hours ago)

Bruce @ #11807: Half awake or half asleep are very similar states. (1 day, 6 hours ago)

Claret @ #11809: Science interchangeable with one of the science subjects and therefore not a unique solution. (1 day, 6 hours ago)

Blues @ #11807: Always best to make sure you are half awake... (1 day, 6 hours ago)

toast @ #11807: Tried this while I was half asleep and got stuffed. Good one. (1 day, 7 hours ago)

toast @ #6598: Confused. I think this must be a reference to the extensive parkland in Croydon of that name. Support for this theory comes from the reference in the answers to Sue Perkins who is from Croydon. A bit of a niche grid. (1 day, 7 hours ago)

MS (creator) @ #11811: Spelt newspaper wrong. Sorry, my spelling is not that hard (1 day, 8 hours ago)

MS (creator) @ #11811: Isn't actually THAT easy (1 day, 8 hours ago)

Ruth @ #11810: Love it! (1 day, 8 hours ago)

MS (creator) @ #11810: Sorry, shoUlder spelt wrong!! (1 day, 8 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11785: I sort of can ,would hate to be less than adequate ion the ambiguity area. (1 day, 11 hours ago)

Blues @ #11785: Wiz, it seems that people thought it was either a caterpillar smoking a pipe (not an everyday occurrence I'm sure you will agree) or a chap with a long nose etc... I think he'd been on the gin when he drew it. (If you can't see both then you are not ambiguous enough.) (1 day, 11 hours ago)

Claret @ #11806: Are we spelling plane right in this context? (1 day, 12 hours ago)

Claret @ #11804: Strictly speaking I think the suits should be pluralised, but who cares? Good grid. (1 day, 12 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11785: I like your comments,Blues, and Tenniel's caterpillar, but I think I'd need a few drinks before I found it ambiguous .what am I missing? (1 day, 12 hours ago)

knife @ #11647: Excellent! Enjoyably original (1 day, 12 hours ago)

knife @ #11646: Links too tenuous - things in holders, pen click. No thanks (1 day, 12 hours ago)

Blues @ #11785: Mister Tom: Thank you, yes, there are a plethora of Captains waiting to be part of these grids, perhaps you have found the key to gridding immortality. My intention was to make it fairly easy to solve. If its ambiguity you are after then this sits perfectly with part of the theme of the grid. Take a look at Sir John Tenniel's drawing of the caterpillar in "Alice in Wonderland" and excellent example of afore mention ambiguity. Is it a man or caterpillar. I need a beer or wine or something... (1 day, 13 hours ago)

Norauk @ #11803: Nice, thanks (1 day, 13 hours ago)

MS (creator) @ #11803: Thanks, k (1 day, 14 hours ago)

Kevin @ #11803: Great grid! (1 day, 14 hours ago)

MS (creator) @ #11803: Thanks, Ian (1 day, 14 hours ago)

Ian @ #11803: Nice grid to start the day, thanks (1 day, 15 hours ago)

Confused @ #6598: What and where is Lloyd park.? (1 day, 22 hours ago)

Omegaman @ #11793: Boxers & tartans worked for me but Donny didn't although that is how Donny Osmond is spelled. Agree the other 3 are Donnies. (1 day, 23 hours ago)

StampIron @ #11801: First puzzle. I triple-checked and I still spelled Cersei's name wrong. I'm so irritated right now. (2 days ago)

Oliver @ #11740: Goood, not rubbish (2 days ago)

Sid @ #7142: (2 days, 3 hours ago)

Miss Slink @ #11790: I'm not a coffee drinker so perhaps someone will correct me here, but could percolate and drip not be swapped, meaning there isn't a unique solution? (2 days, 5 hours ago)

Miss Slink @ #11799: This was tricky for me, because as soon as I saw "Why Bird", all other thoughts were immediately pushed out my brain by the catchiness of the Playdays theme tune. Nice grid, though! (2 days, 5 hours ago)

bunderful @ #11793: Why were Boxers and Tartans not accepted? This grid left me feeling cheated out of full marks. (2 days, 6 hours ago)

Miss Slink @ #11769: Yeah, I don't think "techni" is, ahem, technically a word. (2 days, 12 hours ago)

JeSuis @ #11793: It should be... (2 days, 13 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11797: You learn something new every day! Thankyou... (3 days, 2 hours ago)

Nmcc @ #11793: I would have thought 'tartans' were acceptable...! (3 days, 2 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #11784: Unfortunately Puck would also fit into the Titania category and vice versa, so not a unique solution. (Iirc all of the relevant moons are shakespeare characters so not so surprising!) (3 days, 3 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #11785: I think this would have been better if you had just put "Kirk" rather than the full name- half the fun's in the ambiguity and it wouldn't be making the grid too hard. ( You could also include flint, caveman, hastings, haddock or America;-> ) (3 days, 3 hours ago)

bonehead @ #11796: perhaps the hidden words link could be explained for the hard of thinking? (3 days, 3 hours ago)

Neymar Jr @ #11792: Most absurdly difficult grid I've ever seen on either here or Only Connect, by far. I'm mildly irritated with myself for even waiting for the answers. (3 days, 5 hours ago)

republic @ #11793: Yen threw me.good grid (3 days, 6 hours ago)

Wombat @ #11784: Medium!!! (3 days, 7 hours ago)

LVGboxhead @ #10754: Some rather obscure connections. (3 days, 10 hours ago)

Zbj @ #11788: Good one. (3 days, 10 hours ago)

Festeron @ #11761: Specialist knowledge required to get even one set of four. I'd call this one impossibly difficult (3 days, 20 hours ago)

The Onceler @ #11787: Brilliant, amazing, more please (3 days, 21 hours ago)

Blues @ #11785: Claret, I feel your anguish but please be aware that other superstores are available. (3 days, 23 hours ago)

Nicola @ #11778: I wrote Bruce and Antivirus and told they were wrong. (3 days, 23 hours ago)

Blues @ #11784: Surely you have missed out the animation of Rudyard Kipling's novel as one of your favourites? The songs alone are genius. With regards to the spoilers debate... Even if I read one I still fail miserably. Inevitably I read them after I have spent three minutes looking cluelessly at the grid and then revealing the answers. So they cease to be spoilers, just normally gripes... But Hey, back to Walt (spoiler alert)... "Do be do, I wanna be like you ou ou" Fantastic. (3 days, 23 hours ago)

Claret @ #11785: Mike I find it totally understandable why you are fed up. I too have lost vital points due to such incompetence. As you well know these points are redeemable against selected bottles of wine in your local Asda store. Consequently I've missed out on some cracking deals. (3 days, 23 hours ago)

Blues @ #11785: Mike I put down as many different options as I could think up but sadly not titled ladies. You were correct don't be hard on yourself have a glass on me. (4 days ago)

Mike @ #11785: I'm new to this but I am fed up with the marking of answers to links. I put titled ladies down for the last line, the "correct answer was female nobility. I'm about to give up. (4 days ago)

Wiz @ #11784: lets see if others feel the same.meanwhile I will have another think about the issue. (4 days ago)

gnu @ #11784: I don't see what reason there is to disagree with that. How can people properly discuss grids in comments if they're saying things like "there's a problem with one of the categories but I won't say which one"? (4 days, 2 hours ago)

toast @ #11785: Beefheart takes me back - certainly not Safe as Milk, more of a red herring for the mad hatter group if anything. Mind you ,apart from me and thee. .... and at times I'm not too sure about me. It's a mad world Blues. (4 days, 2 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11784: I don't agree with you, but I think others will. (4 days, 3 hours ago)

gnu @ #11784: I've noticed a few people recently have given very vague comments to avoid giving spoilers. Just go ahead and give the spoilers. There's a spoiler warning next to the "view comments about all grids" link anyway, and anyone with any sense who doesn't want spoilers plays the grids first before reading comments anyway. (4 days, 3 hours ago)

robbo 62 @ #11784: nice, but could do with a more detailed answer for one of the catagories.( won't say which one spoiler alert.) (4 days, 4 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11785: Oops, should've been... I love the.. (4 days, 4 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11785: I the idea of those hairstyles, very creative!c (4 days, 5 hours ago)

Neymar Jr @ #11785: Fairly easy to solve but for soups I guessed hairstyles. (4 days, 6 hours ago)

Blues @ #11785: Hello Wiz, Thank you. (4 days, 6 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11785: Hello Blues! Nice one! (4 days, 6 hours ago)

the big i @ #11783: Yes. You're right. I've misspelled carvery. Sorry everyone (4 days, 9 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11783: It was the spelling with car that puzzled me, but I liked your grid nevertheless. (4 days, 9 hours ago)

the big i @ #11783: Thanks for the feedback gents. It was my first attempt. Much appreciated. Mike - Which word doesn't exist though? The order you answer them in could be different to the order I made it so the third or second lines could vary. And which answer is too limited? Can I change it after it's been submitted? On that note, wiz. 'vary - differ in size, amount, degree, or nature from something else of the same general class' (4 days, 10 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11784: You are getting your Pease mixed up with your Bottoms. Pease blossom!,,,,, (4 days, 10 hours ago)

Mike @ #11783: One of the words to be made in the 3rd line does not exist in any dictionary and the answer to the second line is too limite. (4 days, 11 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11779: Ian! So did you know 8ball's film by any chance? (4 days, 12 hours ago)

Wiz @ #11783: Nice one...tho,did you mean 'very'? (4 days, 12 hours ago)

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