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Robbo @ #16429: Very cunning, my kind of grid. (8 hours, 43 minutes ago)

Mister Tom @ #16430: I was just contemplating a grid with a group based on a film which if memory serves came out in the same year. no, too obsucre, I thought to myself... (10 hours, 50 minutes ago)

4by4 @ #16429: I see you cue the solution very cleverly. (11 hours, 22 minutes ago)

carol @ #7148: what on earth are court cards? I have lived for several decades and have never heard of them.... (11 hours, 33 minutes ago)

carol @ #7162: not accepted cannabis, grrrrr (11 hours, 41 minutes ago)

carol @ #7185: agree with previous comments. I believe the accepted answers are part of the game. soooooooo frustrating when your correct answer is rejected. I purposely wrote ales as these are craft 'beers' aka ales or real ales. (11 hours, 56 minutes ago)

Midge @ #16429: Best grid for a while. Thanks Mister Tom. (20 hours, 41 minutes ago)

Pamela @ #16255: A week would be nice (21 hours, 49 minutes ago)

Me @ #6870: Wouldn't accept homophones (22 hours, 2 minutes ago)

Gloria @ #16429: LOVE IT ! (22 hours, 21 minutes ago)

Laura @ #16429: Enjoyed this one! (23 hours, 25 minutes ago)

Mister Tom @ #16424: Up to your usual standard. At the time of writing this has the same quality rating as 16416. Seriously, what the hell?! (1 day, 1 hour ago)

edwardo @ #16162: I thought it was a bit mean not to allow "Manhattan" for the NY group as these streets are specifically found in Manhattan. (1 day, 1 hour ago)

Mister Tom @ #16428: Thanks for setting. There were some really nice ideas here which for me outweighs the critiicism below....but the Golf group I thought in particular overstretched. (1 day, 1 hour ago)

carol @ #7372: liked it! (1 day, 13 hours ago)

Dh @ #16425: Good one. Dont Know Teal (1 day, 17 hours ago)

Dh @ #16428: Matthew mark luke and John. But did not take New testament. (1 day, 17 hours ago)

Fridge @ #16425: Fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed it. (1 day, 18 hours ago)

Fridge @ #16428: Didn't find it as bad as the others seem to have. 7/10. I strangely got the monarch's head straight away. And the trees were very obvious. Found the T connection at the end but had to mix and match a bit. Didn't have a clue about the Skywalker group and frankly still don't .If someone could explain? (1 day, 18 hours ago)

bonehead @ #16425: good, though pretty straightforward (1 day, 20 hours ago)

bonehead @ #16428: not bad, but the medal group.... could be just stuff that people collect (1 day, 20 hours ago)

kittymcg @ #16412: Fun. Thank you (1 day, 21 hours ago)

Corn fields of glory @ #11310: Wow this was garbage and so obvious maybe try next time I can’t belie you could be so noob. Bit more afford would be appertaining thank you (1 day, 21 hours ago)

knife @ #16416: Excellently summed up by haywood (1 day, 23 hours ago)

haywood @ #16423: 10/10 because I'm familiar with all those lyrics. If you know the lyrics, it's not much of a challenge (crossovers, herrings...). otherwise... I think there should be a moratorium on Beatles and footbal clues for now. (2 days ago)

kittymcg @ #16428: I disagree it's impossible but some of your links are a little stretched or imperfect. More detailed explanations would be nice. (2 days, 1 hour ago)

D @ #16428: Medal is a poor clue for that group Card & Shirt are poor clues for that group Major is a poor clue for the final group The 4th Group I have no problem with but its basically impossible (2 days, 1 hour ago)

Grimace @ #16428: I'm not sure about the British monarch group. Even if we take it as read that you meant in Britain, there are plenty of medals that don't have a picture of the British monarch on them. (2 days, 3 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #16425: Extra star for lube, you bounder (2 days, 5 hours ago)

Swornenemy @ #11851: Nice one! (2 days, 6 hours ago)

FirstGofer @ #16395: Liked it, although I opted for Starr rather than astronomical. There was a Freddie and a Keith! Still marked right though. :-) (2 days, 6 hours ago)

Red Salamander @ #16414: 'Argo' was certainly not a crew member, as stated - although Argus was. And it may be pushing it a bit to suggest Ben Affleck was a 'star' of Mallrats :-) (2 days, 7 hours ago)

Red Salamander @ #16415: Agreed - the 'moon' group is very weak. Also, to fit the context of the rest of its group 'Celtic' should have been 'Celts' (2 days, 7 hours ago)

Peekay @ #16416: Pretty poor tbh, as mentioned, too much specific knowledge required, no crossovers, and using the same grouping twice albeit slightly changed is pretty lazy (2 days, 8 hours ago)

Peekay @ #7514: Carol....All i see from you is criticism of others grids, yet i notice you've not created any yourself? Perhaps make a few grids, realise it's not easy, and wind your neck in (2 days, 10 hours ago)

FirstGofer @ #16388: Very clever... brilliant crossovers. Was convinced Kite went with sandman for a while! Let down by my knowledge of the Venom group and was duped by Electro. Thoroughly enjoyed this one :-) (2 days, 10 hours ago)

FirstGofer @ #16404: Agree wholeheartedly with Minerva. (2 days, 10 hours ago)

FirstGofer @ #16407: Definitely a grid of 2 halves! Got the opera groups immediately (personally would have either put all in English, i.e. The Magic Flute; or all in original language, i.e. Le Nozze di Figaro). Agree with comment about about the countries. (2 days, 10 hours ago)

FirstGofer @ #16414: Well constructed with red herrings and crossovers in 2 groups, but Argo doesn't work. (2 days, 10 hours ago)

OneEleven @ #16419: I apologise to all - a red herring/link not noticed meant you can rotate one clue for each group to the next and it will align perfectly so this grid is invalid. I've asked for it to be deleted and I hope the site admin will do so. (2 days, 11 hours ago)

carol @ #7386: answers dire. soooooooo disappointing (2 days, 12 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #7406: How much would you like to bet? Purely out of interest 😜 (2 days, 12 hours ago)

carol @ #7406: well I thought the countries line was ridiculous - who would ever get that without consulting the internet (bet the creator did) - definitely not easy. (2 days, 12 hours ago)

carol @ #7434: what?????????? these are all verbs...…!!!!!!!!! also anxious marked wrong - dearie me.... (2 days, 13 hours ago)

carol @ #7475: accepted answers disappointing, as usual I'm afraid to say. not you in particular, but many grid creators. (2 days, 13 hours ago)

carol @ #7488: silly fish line (2 days, 13 hours ago)

carol @ #7514: sorry - ridiculous (2 days, 13 hours ago)

carol @ #7535: sadly you have never heard of the word unique..... (2 days, 13 hours ago)

carol @ #7550: my usual comment - game is spoilt by non-acceptance of answers which are correct. the whole package has to ring true. being clever making a grid is really diminished by not having a proper range of the correct answers. but I liked the grid. (2 days, 13 hours ago)

Swornenemy @ #11865: Nice grid. The zeds connection was a bit tenuous (2 days, 15 hours ago)

edwardo @ #16415: Big fan of the hidden anagrams. Didn't get that one though, agree with Mister Tom that it's a bit wide and doing 1 country would be better. The "moon" group is a bit poor though. (2 days, 17 hours ago)

kittymcg @ #16414: I like the Dogma group! (2 days, 21 hours ago)

BigHarryDotters @ #16343: Come on then Haywood I will absolutely John Bomb you back to 2010 (2 days, 21 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #16415: Personally, I disagree- well hidden anagrams are commendable - though maybe limiting to the 1 country would be better (pairs? Mines?). One of them did scream"Anagram" to me, and that was enough. But they do make a grid harder. (2 days, 23 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #16414: Clever stuff - could see ehat was going on but didn't twig too late the second film group. Sparta (and Argo- in the argo group??) felt a bit weak, but a noble effort. (2 days, 23 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #16399: Yeah They are all birds... but I think in context it's fair you needed to be specific- after all they were all animals, so you could say there is no unique solution 😜 (2 days, 23 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #16416: Agree. This was.... not great. The bass group sticks out like a sore thumb - I can't see how it was intended to interact with the rest of the grid. thereafter it's a test of world geography with the only chance of insight being guessing that there are 8 rivers rather than 5 or 6. Crossovers were thin on the ground. Better rivers might have been those that could be easily mistaken for something else - eg Amazon, Po, Darling, Colorado, Yellow ( though they have been done before... ). yes Amur is also a forest or a tiger, but a) as such it was all on its lonesome and b) Theyre all geography based. (3 days ago)

haywood @ #16416: requires specific geographical knowledge as opposed to reasoning power. If the knowledge is in place then it is very straightforward, with no crossovers or herrings. If it is not, then there is little chance you can think your way through the puzzle to solve it. That is why it is not enjoyable. (3 days, 1 hour ago)

haywood @ #16415: personally I'm not a big fan of the anagrams as it is too hard to climb "into" them i.e. so much time is spent recognising that they are anagrams in the first place; secondly, so many European cities that with an anagram line the link should be much tighter than that - capitals maybe. But good effort, I got all the links but couldn't get the clues in on time. (3 days, 1 hour ago)

Johnny @ #16399: National Flags group are all just birds! First group I got, for entirely the wrong reason apparently. (3 days, 1 hour ago)

FirstGofer @ #16410: Found it very difficult, not having heard of any in the Butlers group or 2 in the Small group. (3 days, 2 hours ago)

scotland0 @ #16416: I wouldn't call it particularly clever to use two sets of rivers. (3 days, 3 hours ago)

wales3443 @ #16416: Really clever but stupidly hard. (3 days, 3 hours ago)

w4g @ #16416: too hard to be fun (3 days, 3 hours ago)

clever82 @ #16416: Not 'very easy' like the name suggests. Should be under 'fiendish'. (3 days, 3 hours ago)

Stanislav Moncrieffe @ #16416: Good (3 days, 3 hours ago)

twiddlepin @ #16410: Way too clever for me. The unused Ford and Vauxhall car themes made this fiendish! (3 days, 5 hours ago)

Asciliam @ #16388: Tricky. Liked some of the crossovers and the 'blue sky' group. (3 days, 9 hours ago)

Asciliam @ #16408: That was a fun one, thanks. Clever groups. (3 days, 10 hours ago)

Asciliam @ #16389: Very enjoyable, not too hard. Especially liked the 'bee' group. (3 days, 11 hours ago)

Peekay @ #16408: Not many crossovers, and relatively straightforward.....but i really liked this. Thanks (3 days, 11 hours ago)

B @ #14520: Best one so far! (3 days, 11 hours ago)

TooCleverByHalf @ #16407: There are multiple solutions I'm afraid. Ecuador Gabon Kenya and Uganda all produce coffee as well, so all could fit in that group and they could take the places of Colombia and Indonesia which also lie on the equator. This makes for around 8 or 9 separate correct solutions. (3 days, 12 hours ago)

andy & Chris @ #16065: Easy!! We liked it. (Chris says she got most of that herself. Andy would be inclined to disagree.) (3 days, 21 hours ago)

andy & Chris @ #16389: We liked the Sting connection. It was the only part we didn't get! Very Good! (3 days, 22 hours ago)

0/0 @ #16223: No idea (3 days, 22 hours ago)

Bryan @ #4155: Agree with Aidan. My guess was playing surfaces (3 days, 23 hours ago)

sdr @ #16407: Hard. (3 days, 23 hours ago)

minerva134 @ #16404: Perhaps a greater range of options for the Jesus category would be useful e.g. New Testament, bible rather than just Christianity? (4 days, 1 hour ago)

D @ #16405: Work on you're right answers please. It didn't accept any of my answers even though I had 3 of links and the last one doesn't make any sense. (4 days, 1 hour ago)

Anonymous @ #16405: Amazing puzzgrid please make more my class loved it. (4 days, 1 hour ago)

Marky Sharky Fan 101 @ #16335: Another great grid man really top stuff (4 days, 2 hours ago)

Giggsy @ #16381: Smart - Got the treaties - that was it - note to self: must become more knowledgable. (4 days, 2 hours ago)

Giigsy @ #16381: Smart - Got the treaties - that was it - note to self: must become more knowledgable. (4 days, 2 hours ago)

Giigsy @ #16399: Knew they had to be simple solutions - got the colours only. (4 days, 3 hours ago)

Giigsy @ #16400: Good one - not a racing fan so would never have got that. Ross was a good crossover. (4 days, 3 hours ago)

JSilverman1 @ #16296: haywood: ha! one might! (4 days, 3 hours ago)

JSilverman1 @ #16295: haywood: probably not. (4 days, 3 hours ago)

Fnmndndndn @ #16401: Short appears twice and the description are not clear enough. Good first attempt though. :) (4 days, 5 hours ago)

Haribo @ #8652: Don't you just love the moaning myrtle, complainer police "too easy waaa" - choose a harder level then and jog on :) I enjoyed this one, specially the link with the letter sounds! Great grid! (4 days, 6 hours ago)

Haribo @ #9020: I loved the hidden story :) (4 days, 6 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #16339: Unusual in that I got the grid resolved but not with enough clarity on the groups to get more than 5/10. Good fun tho (4 days, 7 hours ago)

Aetees @ #16398: Good grid. (4 days, 7 hours ago)

Troy @ #16351: Not as Good as CSGO (4 days, 7 hours ago)

Aetees @ #16399: Tricky but excellent in my opinion. Only managed a 2/10 though. (4 days, 7 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #16399: I seldom joke, these days (4 days, 7 hours ago)

Lyndon @ #16399: you have got to be joking (4 days, 7 hours ago)

Paul @ #8199: Working out the explanation in the answer was a challenge itself (4 days, 7 hours ago)

carol @ #7641: I do think the answers and their acceptance is a vital and key part of the enjoyment of the grids. part of the whole game, not an aside to be in your own head...!! certainly doesn't spoil the day! just a frisson of annoyance at the time! (4 days, 10 hours ago)

carol @ #7643: starsign animals not accepted - grrrrrrr (4 days, 10 hours ago)

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