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me @ #17240: Should accept 'pop' for 'burst' (3 hours, 6 minutes ago)

Giggsy @ #17226: Man - you guys are good!! Have to say I missed the P link. Brilliant. (3 hours, 49 minutes ago)

kittymcg @ #17120: I really enjoyed this one. Thank you (7 hours, 4 minutes ago)

Pamela @ #16824: I'm with you James (8 hours, 15 minutes ago)

Mascari @ #17242: Love it! Loads of red herrings, really like bowl. I thought the leaf row was about the parts of a sword but that still helped me guess it. Think China should have been allowed for Crockery. (8 hours, 35 minutes ago)

Mascari @ #17240: Pretty good, not difficult but I think the burst did take me a while to get. Think that first row should allow Reality TV as an answer. (8 hours, 57 minutes ago)

anonymousmagic @ #14056: You had me going with the red herrings and of course that last group got me :( (9 hours, 37 minutes ago)

anonymousmagic @ #5983: (9 hours, 41 minutes ago)

anonymousmagic @ #3361: I said "flower colors", but that was considered incorrect... (9 hours, 43 minutes ago)

Fridge @ #17238: Sorry Giggsy, you're gonna hate this one xd (9 hours, 46 minutes ago)

anonymousmagic @ #11973: Misspelling on "woolen". Other than that, nice grid. (9 hours, 48 minutes ago)

bournemouth @ #17224: The gridmaker is right about ante and auntie being pronounced the same way. Mr Tom is wrong. Don't listen to anyone from the south of England when it comes to pronunciations. (9 hours, 50 minutes ago)

anonymousmagic @ #2184: I faltered on finding the last two groups. Once the grid was solved, finding the connections was much easier. (9 hours, 52 minutes ago)

anonymousmagic @ #8000: Yep, the last group kept me guessing. I suspected it, but didn't have the guts to give the correct answer. (9 hours, 56 minutes ago)

anonymousmagic @ #13420: Nice grid. I learned some new words along the way :) (10 hours ago)

anonymousmagic @ #16838: Minus points for the fail on "programming languages". Other than that, nice groups. (10 hours, 17 minutes ago)

anonymousmagic @ #17190: I called the "materials" group "fabrics" which was not accepted as correct. Materials is too wide a name. Wood is a material too, but wouldn't fit in this particular group. (10 hours, 20 minutes ago)

anonymousmagic @ #17194: Snails and worms are not insects. The sports are all ball sports, but not exclusively British or even all originating in Britain... I agree with JS (10 hours, 23 minutes ago)

anonymousmagic @ #17213: Things you can sit on and things you can find in the kitchen were connections with not enough specificity. I had furniture and baking as the connections. If sitting was the word needed to be considered correct... (10 hours, 27 minutes ago)

H @ #566: my favourite grid so far, thank you. (10 hours, 31 minutes ago)

anonymousmagic @ #17234: The first three groups were quite easy. Then again, I am the sort of person who should know those connections. The last group threw me for a loop. 7 points for me... (10 hours, 33 minutes ago)

JS @ #17235: Really liked this grid - some great red herrings! (11 hours, 11 minutes ago)

Fridge @ #17226: Brilliant as usual. But like Tom I spotted lots of connections for each group. (11 hours, 26 minutes ago)

Only Me @ #17227: Exactly as Mister Tom. Good fun though. (11 hours, 43 minutes ago)

CM @ #17234: All fell quickly, but the Skint category, which I only got out by elimination gave me pause for thought. Took twice as long to solve as the rest together. I liked it. (11 hours, 44 minutes ago)

Kimbo @ #13: Good grid, Thank you. (12 hours, 2 minutes ago)

Andy P @ #17234: Nice grid. The Bashing line was clever, I just didn't see it, and now feel very silly. Cheers mate. (12 hours, 24 minutes ago)

Mister Tom @ #17227: Week's was very good. Rest was ...Ok. (13 hours, 9 minutes ago)

Andy P @ #17120: GCSE biology? :) (13 hours, 28 minutes ago)

JS @ #17216: Agree with the other comments - in a good grid, you'll understand the connection when it's revealed, even if you didn't spot it. But the vast majority of people are just going to shrug when they see one of yours - it's something most people haven't even heard of, let alone seen. (14 hours, 7 minutes ago)

CM @ #17227: And Eritea, Comoros, Ethiopia and I would imagine a hundred tropical birds. Far too vague. Oh and linking terms should really include the singular to be fair to solvers. I liked the days though, which I've not seen before. (14 hours, 27 minutes ago)

J @ #17174: CLEVER af (14 hours, 33 minutes ago)

JS @ #17233: Nice grid, I like this one! Not too hard but definitely enough of a challenge to be fun. (14 hours, 33 minutes ago)

Rantos @ #17226: Wow! Daunting at first, but I managed two connections. Well done. (15 hours, 1 minute ago)

Rubberlisa @ #17218: Couldn’t get jimmys because thought it was jiminy (15 hours, 3 minutes ago)

Rantos @ #17227: Solved grid, stumped on South Africa and days of the week, though once I knew the latter, I loved it. (15 hours, 7 minutes ago)

Mappy @ #17099: Although I felt the footballers connection was too niche and Adams and Beckham are the same Spice Girl, this is still a good grid. I particularly enjoyed the "Central" connection. (15 hours, 24 minutes ago)

Mappy @ #17101: Really imaginative wall! You did a great job. (15 hours, 44 minutes ago)

Mister Tom @ #17226: Very nice... the flea group also has the property that you can replace the first letter with a P (16 hours, 23 minutes ago)

Andy P @ #17195: Agree with CM. It's frustrating when an otherwise good grid has one group in it like that. (18 hours, 38 minutes ago)

Andy P @ #17217: Same as below comments. (18 hours, 45 minutes ago)

knife @ #17217: Quite nifty, but it's terabyte, as already pointed out below. That's important, because terra has completely different connotations (19 hours, 35 minutes ago)

Mister Tom @ #17224: Technically , pineapple is not 1 fruit but many. More to the point that is completely not how ante is pronounced. Rays or pony or Tern? (21 hours, 22 minutes ago)

John P @ #583: enjoyed it, easy once Record was identified. (21 hours, 22 minutes ago)

Kimbo @ #7: Not heard of optical illusions, but clever grid! (21 hours, 28 minutes ago)

Mister Tom @ #17223: Cleveland doesnt work- browns not the singular- but clever misdirection (21 hours, 29 minutes ago)

Kimbo @ #6: Very difficult, especially the FISH group! (21 hours, 35 minutes ago)

Kimbo @ #3: Good grid, enjoyed it, Thank you! (21 hours, 43 minutes ago)

whattuheck @ #1744: I know I'm 6 years late, but it didn't accept superheroes for the __man section, despite them all being superheroes. It didn't except elements for the metals section either. (21 hours, 51 minutes ago)

J @ #15756: Curse you and your groups of SIX anagrams! :) (1 day, 6 hours ago)

Omegaman @ #17113: The informed group won't accept synonyms but otherwise I liked it. (1 day, 6 hours ago)

CM @ #17190: Broadening your linking terms will make for a more satisfying solve, regardless of how easy. No fun to get a puzzle this easy half 'wrong'. (1 day, 7 hours ago)

CM @ #17195: I'd be amazed if anyone gets the songs other than setter. Otherwise good. (1 day, 7 hours ago)

Sam @ #17217: Thanks for the grid! As others have mentioned, the peta/tera/etc. line applies to essentially any unit of measurement though, not just bytes. (1 day, 7 hours ago)

Jo @ #4112: The airport one is pretty hard! (1 day, 7 hours ago)

Jo @ #4177: A tantalising grid! Could see what the groups were, but got lost in the crossovers. (1 day, 8 hours ago)

Jo @ #4186: An interesting grid. (1 day, 8 hours ago)

Kimbo @ #17186: Clever concept but although I knew the German words and got them right my answer wasn't acceptable. (1 day, 9 hours ago)

Kimbo @ #17190: Got it easily but my (correct) answers didn't match accepted answers. (1 day, 9 hours ago)

Kimbo @ #17193: Got it pretty quickly and correctly but my answers didn't match exactly so I lost points! Grrr! (1 day, 9 hours ago)

Kimbo @ #17195: The songs beat me! (1 day, 9 hours ago)

JS @ #17194: Snails and worms aren't insects, so that group doesn't work at all. You also need to make your answers less specific - not all the sports you've named are exclusively British and it doesn't accept 'games' or 'ball games'. And you need to accept 'phrases' or 'sayings' as well as idioms for the colours category. The grid is incredibly easy to solve as but your definitions really don't work at all. (1 day, 10 hours ago)

JS @ #17201: Not a good grid, unfortunately. The 'animals' group is incredibly vague, the colours group doesn't accept 'colours' as an answer, the 'flower' parts one doesn't accept 'plants' and there are no real red herrings at all. It's really easy to separate out the groups but then you've made it impossible to score for the connections. (1 day, 10 hours ago)

JS @ #17214: 'Hill' doesn't fit your definition for that group at all, unfortunately. (1 day, 10 hours ago)

CM @ #17218: I liked. Hard without being eye rolling. Only got the proverb out by elimination at the end and didn't get the link. (1 day, 11 hours ago)

Reynardine @ #17217: I would personally have expected 'Normandy' to be a key word on the relevant grouping ^^; Beyond that, concurring with the SI Units point. (1 day, 11 hours ago)

Hd @ #17218: Very good :) (1 day, 14 hours ago)

Angie T @ #17216: I think the very best grids are the ones where you go "Ohhhh, of course" when you see the link. 3 of the links here could fall into that category - the 4th is more a "How, who and what the fck?" sort of reaction. Definitely one for someone with very (very) specific knowledge. Nothing wrong with that but there won't be many 10/10 scored here. (1 day, 14 hours ago)

Sid Kneebridge @ #17210: Excellent gridding, well done. Very tough but entertaining. (1 day, 17 hours ago)

Sid Kneebridge @ #17217: Fun, but very easy. (1 day, 20 hours ago)

CaptFarrell @ #17210: Thanks guys- my first grid so sorry if it’s a bit too difficult! @TennisTallulah- I think your comment might be meant for a different grid? (1 day, 20 hours ago)

Kimbo @ #17218: Excellent, very hard! Only got one row😎 (1 day, 21 hours ago)

TennisTallulah @ #17210: Would be better if ‘cannon’ was spelt correctly! Canon means something different - therefore difficult to make the connection... (1 day, 21 hours ago)

Imaterrier @ #4321: Two vague categories otherwise good fun (1 day, 21 hours ago)

Imaterrier @ #4321: Two categories vague, otherwise good fun. (1 day, 21 hours ago)

Imaterrier @ #17194: Now I know what an idiom is! Didn’t know a snail was an insect though? Otherwise good fun. (1 day, 22 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #17210: Good one. Very tough for non fans (1 day, 22 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #17214: A fine mess you got me into (1 day, 22 hours ago)

Fridge @ #17217: Agree with Tom. Nice grid but extremely easy. It needs herrings and corssovers. I also agree with Tom that Peta, Tera, Mega and Giga are all SI unit prefixes donating scale in powers of ten. They can be applied to practically any unit, examples that commonly use them are Bytes, Bits, FLOPs and Hertz. (1 day, 22 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #17216: Nice idea and overlaps: 1 group in particular was ridiculously obscure tho (1 day, 22 hours ago)

Mister Tom @ #17217: Terra should be Tera and doesn't only relate to bytes. Also, I saw no overlaps between groups. (1 day, 22 hours ago)

Giggsy @ #17203: If you read this first, do not waste your time (2 days, 3 hours ago)

Giggsy @ #17203: oh dear... (2 days, 3 hours ago)

Giggsy @ #17209: Apart from sp of cannon a good grid. Stall group was fun. Try more crossovers that throw people off. Thanks (2 days, 5 hours ago)

Jon @ #17196: Stop being a sore looser, Jim. (2 days, 6 hours ago)

Only Me @ #17204: As below. (2 days, 8 hours ago)

Jim @ #17196: The "all died of drug overdoses" connection isn't accurate at all. Michael Jackson died of a heart attack, Amy Winehouse alcohol poisoning, Avicii's death was reported as suicide and Jimi Hendrix chocked on his own vomit. (2 days, 8 hours ago)

Jim @ #17201: Some of the accepted answers are probably too specific. I said "mammals" for the animals one and it was apparently wrong. I said "shades of colours" for the "flesh" group and that was also wrong apparently. (2 days, 8 hours ago)

Jim @ #17204: You've spelled Beatles wrong and it doesn't accept the correct answer. (2 days, 9 hours ago)

fermad @ #17154: very confused by this - was it perhaps specifically made for a company/event? (2 days, 9 hours ago)

Kimbo @ #17210: Difficult. Not heard of many of these words before! (2 days, 9 hours ago)

The Void @ #17214: Loved the Baldwin group. But Hill doesn't fit that definition, sorry. (2 days, 9 hours ago)

Kimbo @ #17213: Easy grid, so I was glad to get top marks for a change! (2 days, 9 hours ago)

JonBob @ #17148: Thing is, I actually was thinking along those lines because of "livid..." but there's nothing to cue us in to looking at the middle letter of the others. (2 days, 9 hours ago)

JonBob @ #17145: You have a vowel in one of your missing vowels. :-) (2 days, 9 hours ago)

JonBob @ #17143: Very nice. (2 days, 9 hours ago)

The Void @ #17209: Good stuff. 10/10 in 1:30 for me. I'm currently reading a book which coincides nicely with this grid, so that helped. Only one red herring that I spotted, and I found the Nestor group with some reasonable guesses at the 2 tiles I wasn't sure of. Only got the Stall link after the wall resolved. Not super-hard, but a nice work-out. (2 days, 9 hours ago)

The Void @ #17204: BeAtles. George. (2 days, 9 hours ago)

JonBob @ #17136: Excellent! (2 days, 10 hours ago)

JonBob @ #17113: A couple more factors on Amazon. First of all, they likely weight averages, so I'm not sure it's a pure mathematical mean. Second, people won't usually go to Amazon to give "mediocre" feedback; if you look at the actual ratings most have 5 stars or 1. Here, you are "forced" to give a rating after playing, so people who have middling feelings are more likely to weigh in. I'd be curious to see the actual stats on rankings rather than just the mean we are given. (2 days, 10 hours ago)

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